Here are my travelling stories. Enjoy.

Kouyou – Colors of the Autumn


Ho-ho-ho, my friends.

It was quite a long winter, hot and boring. And even here, in always green and sunny Vietnam the typical winter prostration was holding me. But nothing lasts forever, Spring has come.

So let’s continue our interrupted journey into gorgeous Japan. Today I’m going to tell you about one of the significant events of the Island country – Watching autumn leaf colors.

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Pastoral newground

Pastoral Newground

Hello, my friends.

This is my first post in English, so be nice to me. If you find any mistake or typo, please leave a comment bellow.

Today I’m gonna tell you about japanese countryside where I do live now.

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Япония: Страна солнца

Empire of the Sun


Все вы, конечно же, знаете, что Япония – это Страна восходящего солнца. И это так. Но ещё здесь есть и заходящее! Я тут походил с фотиком и набрал для вас фотографии всяких японских солнц. Давайте позалипаем.

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